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ISBN: 9780752443904


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Dog in Poetry

by  Tempus Publishing UK

Category: Language & Literature / Poetry Anthologies
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Publication date: 1 October 2007
Number of pages: 160

This is a carefully selected collection of moving, witty and amusing poems dedicated to man's best friend. Illuminate unknown sides to your faithful friend's character within these elegantly composed sonnets, limericks and odes. Often considered 'part of the family', "Dogs in Poetry" justly honours the important role dogs have in millions of people's lives. A dog's capability for unconditional love and unshakeable loyalty make their nature the perfect subject matter for inspiring poetry. This book is an ideal gift to any animal lover whose life has been enriched by a canine companion. Complete with illustrations and suitable for all ages, "Dogs in Poetry" is a must for all dog owners!

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