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ISBN: 9780752261485


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Fifteen to One

2002 for 2002


Category: Media, Art & Design / Entertainment
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 7 December 2001
Number of pages: 272

"Two questions each in the first round, one correct answer from you to survive..." Fifteen to One is one of Channel 4's longest running quiz shows, devised in the mid-1980s and now syndicated throughout the world. Next year, as always, the series will be airing every afternoon for nine months of the year. The format '2002 for 2002' repeats the successful formula created in '2000 for 2000' and '2001 for 2001'. 15 to 1: 2002 for 2002 features 2002 brand new questions. Can you match the legendary highest-ever score, a perfect 433? With questions on everything from people to poetry, cricket to currency and medicine to mythology, your general knowledge will be tested to the limit.

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