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ISBN: 9780751536980


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Call Me Elizabeth

Wife, Mother, Escort

by Dawn Annandale

Category: Study & Reference / Sociology
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 27 July 2006
Number of pages: 304

Dawn Annandale is bright, witty and well educated. But when her marriage began to fall apart, she had to face a seemingly insurmountable pile of debts on her own. Determined that her children would not suffer because of their parents' mistakes, and with no family to turn to for help, she searched desperately for a way to make some money, and fast. And made the decision to become an escort. CALL ME ELIZABETH offers an insight into the sex industry in the UK today, as well as the shocking truth that increasing numbers of women in a similar situation to Dawn are turning to prostitution to make ends meet. It is by turns sad, funny, frightening and empowering, but it is above all honest and compelling. From Emanuelle to Pretty Woman, the life of an escort remains deeply fascinating. There will be those who will judge the author, but there will be many more who will recognise her dilemma and understand how she reached her decision. This is her story - decide for yourself.

What the papers say:
Both funny and shocking at times, this is extraordinarily honest stuff. HOT STARS [An] incredible story ... a touching account of her life to date SOUTH LONDON PRESS

Author's Biography:
Dawn Annandale lives in the UK. This is her first book.

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