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ISBN: 9780751535877


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Hell to Pay

by Shaun Hutson

Category: Ghost & Horror / General
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 23 August 2003
Number of pages: 384

A boy's body is discovered on the shores of Kingsfield reservoir. Like the killer's previous two victims, there's no sign of violence, no fingerprints, nothing but two small puncture marks where the overdose of heroin was injected. Whoever is carrying out the attacks is careful, methodical and clever. Detective Inspector Alan Fielding is frantic to find the killer before another child is taken...In a run down house on a nearby estate, Nikki Reed knows only too well what the ominous knock on the front door means - the loan sharks want their money back, and if they don't get it, they're going to get nasty. But Nikki can't pay up - until her brother John comes up with a dangerous and high-risk scheme that could make all of them rich...Roma Todd's relationship with record company boss David is rife with deceit and deception, but the one thing that holds them together is their daughter Kirsten. And though Kirsten may seem like any other child, she suffers from an extraordinary illness, one that without her medication can unleash a bizarre and deadly trail of horror...All desperate people running out of time. When their worlds collide, there'll be hell to pay...

Shaun Hutson is one of the finest thriller writers around today with a legion of fans eagerly awaiting his next book. Purity and Hybrid swiftly became classics but I fear his fans may be a little disappointed this time round. In Hell to Pay, about a serial killer whose MO involves overdosing the young victim with heroin, Hutson seems to have fallen for all the cliches as well as presenting a story so extraordinary it wouldn't be out of place on Channel 5. Bodies turn up in reservoirs; overworked coppers furrow their brows; loan sharks close on down and outs Nikki and Jeff; and Roma and David stay together for the sake of their terrifying sick daughter. Somehow the author manages to weave the disparate strands together into a story that culminates, of course, in a collision at which point there will be...Hell to Pay! (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
'Shaun Hutson is an expert in the art of keeping the reader turning the pages' - TIME OUT

Author's Biography:
Shaun Hutson is a bestselling author of horror fiction and has written novels under eight different pseudonyms. He has also contributed stories to 'Kerrang' and 'Raw' and used to host Sky TV's 'Monsters of Rock' programme.

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