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ISBN: 9780751535501


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The Heartbreaker

Series: 3 St. Benet's

by Susan Howatch

Category: Fiction / General
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 6 November 2003
Number of pages: 512

The City of London in the 1990s is a dark, adrenaline-charged square mile deep in recession, where sex is just another commodity and keeping one's integrity is a daily struggle. Gavin Blake is riding high. He's up to his neck in money, sex and sleaze, but he's young, and handsome and he's making a lot of money. Carta Graham wants nothing more than to forget her life as a high-flying lawyer, so she's buried herself in a fund-raising project for the City Church of St Benet's. When she meets Gavin, she thinks the only thing they share is a temporary sexual attraction, but she's wrong. They are about to change each other's lives forever. For Gavin comes to see that in order to survive he must escape from the harrowing world he inhabits. His fight for freedom will be hard and fierce, but Carta, searching for her own freedom from the past, is with him every step of the way...

What the papers say:
She is a deft storyteller, and her writing has depth, grace and pace TATLER Truly unputdownable THE TIMES Howatch deftly creates real characters with problems that are completely engrossing. WOMAN AND HOME This book, the last of a trilogy, proves she's got broader scope and a story-telling ability that's second to none... it's a consummate piece of writing and a rattling good read. IRISH EXAMINER

Author's Biography:
Susan Howatch was born in Surrey. After taking a degree in law, she emigrated to America where she married, had a daughter and embarked on a career as a writer. When she eventually left the States, she lived in the Republic of Ireland for four years before returning to England.

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