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ISBN: 9780751526523


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The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe

by Donald H. Wolfe

Category: True Stories / General
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 5 August 1999
Number of pages: 672

This book is the fully documented story of Marilyn Monroe's death - a heart-stopping account of the events that led to the circumstances of 4th August 1962. To this day the Los Angeles police and the District Attorney's office have perpetuated a cover-up that was generated over 30 years ago. For the first time in 80 books and acres of newsprint, the complete story of her demise is revealed. It includes the reasons why so many joined the conspiracy of silence. Marilyn's universe is where the glitzy world of Hollywood, the sinister one of the Mafia and the secret one of Washington DC meet. Wolfe uses newly released FBI files and the information of insiders who have broken their silence to give us the resolution of one of this century's most enduring mysteries. From the opening description of the lifeless body to the moment-by-moment account of her final days and hours, THE ASSASSINATION OF MARILYN MONROE explodes every myth concerning her remarkable life and tragic death - as is attested by the generous acclaim of her rival biographers (see 'Reviews').

Donald Wolfe's masterly investigation, couched as both document and biography, gives an intriguing insight into the likely events surrounding Monroe's death on 4 August 1962. In the overpopulated field of conspiracy theories, Wolfe's brilliantly sustained arguments are in a class of their own, and even the sceptical will succumb. Articulate and highly persuasive, he presents overwhelming evidence for an official reappraisal of Monroe's death and does so in conjunction with a portrait of the ill-fated star that transforms the familiar into the fascinating. (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
Admirable! You do not have to agree with all his conclusions to see that Wolfe takes us very close indeed to the dark truth about Monroe, the Kennedys and that lonely death in the Californian night. Anthony Summers, author of GODDESS: THE SECRET LIVES OF MARILYN MONROE I want to restate my great admiration for Don Wolfe's magnificent, trend-setting biography of Marilyn Monroe. Mr Wolfe has far surpassed my exhaustive work and even Anthony Summer s' tour de force in 1985. Peter Brown, co-author of MARILYN: THE LAST TAKE Donald Wolfe has written one of the most absorbing accounts of Marilyn's life to date. It is a masterful work. Fred Lawrence, author of NORMA JEAN A quietly written testimony that moves relentlessly towards a conclusion that is both plausible and convincing. NEW STATESMAN

Author's Biography:
Don Wolfe has worked in Hollywood as both a film editor at Warner Bros studios and as a screenwriter for Chartoff-Winkler and Steven Spielberg. The fruit of years of meticulous investigative research, this is his first book.

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