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ISBN: 9780751336900


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Home Hints and Tips

The New Guide to Natural, Safe and Healthy Living

by Rosamond Richardson-Gerson , Edited by Gillian Emerson-Roberts

Category: Home, Family & Health / Home & House
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 6 March 2003
Number of pages: 192

This text offers practical information on running a natural, safe and healthy home. It covers cleaning, food, decorating, energy consumption, laundry, personal remedies and more. The book promises a clean, efficient, well-run home that nurtures its inhabitants.

The less time to spend on our homes, the more we dream of well-ordered living spaces, clean even in the areas you can't see, a soothing, well-ordered refuge from the hurly-burly of the world beyond the front door. It is to this urge that Rosamond Richardson's book appeals. Kicking off with a stern warning that 'sick building syndrome' is not confined to large office blocks, she provides a 'home health check'. There is much here that is blindingly obvious and simultaneously manages to be of scant practical use. 'Avoid properties close to busy roads... as these cause air pollution.' Sure they do, but what can you do to minimise the effect if you happen to be lumbered with one already? More helpful chapters include the one on cleaning, which contains the amazing statistic that the average modern household possesses up to 45 litres of chemically based cleaning products, and advises on more natural alternatives. The general thrust of the book is about eliminating the chemical, the synthetic, the non-natural from your home, and sections on decorating, furnishing, laundry and food include advice on how to achieve this. And you can do your bit for the planet, too: chapters on saving energy and recycling waste are useful. But this book attempts to cover more than the fabric of the home and the chapters on baby care, meditation and even how to have a bath seem to belong in a different book. A more exhaustive handbook on home care would be timely and welcome; and you can't learn to meditate from two pages of copy and a picture of the author in the lotus position. Well meaning, but not as much use as you hope it's going to be. (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
Rosamond Richardson has been living a "green", environmentally-friendly life since 1984 and has written many books on its various aspects from vegetarian cookery and yoga to general health and well-being. In "Home Hints and Tips", she brings all these subjects together, sharing her ideas and methods for living a healthier life, using natural products to avoid further contamination to our planet. From cleaning, buying appliances, recycling, child and pet care, composting and growing your own vegetables, Rosamond gives pertinent tips and suggestions to doing it in a greener way. Attractively presented with a "dip in and read" format, it is full of useful titbits: how to remove grease from clothes, limescale from taps, looking after linen and silk, cooking healthy food and natural remedies. Occasionally over-the-top in her efforts to be environmentally friendly, this is nevertheless an invaluable reference for today's more consciously-aware lifestyles. - Lucy Watson

Author's Biography:
Rosamond Richardson has written over 20 books on vegetarian cooking, including 'Natural Superwoman'. In 1994 she joined forces with Linda McCartney, becoming her food consultant, and collaborating author. Rosamond's most recent books are 'The Natural Home' and 'New Woman: A Survival Guide to Growing Older'. Rosamond now lives in rural Essex.

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