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ISBN: 9780750634717


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Managing Projects Made Simple

Series: Made Simple Books

by David Nickson , By (author) Suzy Siddons

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Business & Management
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Publication date: 4 September 1997
Number of pages: 96

The purpose of this book is to provide people with ready access to the skills needed to manage projects of varying sizes and complexity. It covers both the personal and procedural skills that are needed for the successful management of projects - for example it includes the personal skills of briefing staff, delegation, etc., as well as the mechanical aspects of determining which activities must follow on sequentially and which may be done in parallel. The book covers material which can be directly related to a number of GNVQ, A level and first year college/university courses, so that it can serve as a supplementary text book or set reading. It is also suitable for general business readers in a wide range of roles, particularly those with a technical background who find themselves managing others, and in need of skills such as presenting, interviewing, report writing, selling and negotiating. It is written in an easy to read style, with illustrations, check lists, real life examples and anecdotes. It covers a complete package of personal skills in addition to practical project management methods, providing the reader with new skills that can be quickly applied in working life.

Author's Biography:
David Nickson is an author and freelance consultant working with organizations from both the private and the public sector, including government departments, local authorities, multi-nationals, the media, finance and service suppliers. He is co-author of Managing Projects published by Butterworth-Heinemann. Suzy Siddons has been a business trainer for 20 years and has run her own business training consultancy for the last 15 years. Her clients include blue chip companies both in the UK and internationally. She specialises in behavioural skills for business such as leadership, team management, management skills, sales skills, the trainer in business and particularly in the psychology of communication.

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