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ISBN: 9780749415228


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How to Pass the Civil Service Qualifying Tests

by Mike Bryon

Category: Study & Reference / Education
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd
Publication date: 31 October 1995
Number of pages: 128

If you want a career in the Civil Service this book should help you to achieve your goal. Prepared with the co-operation of Recruitment and Assessment Services, it offers information and advice on the qualifying tests, and over half the book comprises practice questions relevant to the Civil Service qualifying exams. You have considerable influence over your test performance and hard work, determination and, most of all, systematic preparation, can lead to a considerable improvement in your score. RAS tests are probably the most frequently taken tests in the UK. Competition can be fierce and the difference between a pass and a fail sometimes amounts to just a few marks. For some candidates, the advice and practice material contained in this book could mean the difference between a pass and a fail in the clerical qualifying test, executive officer qualifying test or fast stream test.

What the papers say:
"A Book qualifying tests, of which the above is the best around." "The Book makes it clear what all of us have known but about which there's absolutely no harm repeating passing these tests needs practice" Phoenix, Dec 2007 (Jnl of The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Serices)

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