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ISBN: 9780747255338


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A Liverpool Lullaby

by Anne Baker

Category: Fiction / General
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 4 February 1999
Number of pages: 448

Young and pretty Evie Hobson spends her days serving behind the counter at her father's Chemist shop. Joseph Hobson is a bullying man and Evie isn't the only one who lives in fear of her father's violent temper. Then one day a bedraggled woman enters the shop and dies on the premises. Evie is shocked to discover she was in fact her mother, whom she had been told was dead. Why had her father lied to her? What secret was he trying to keep? One thing's for sure, Evie can't take much more from him and when she catches the eye of local lad Ned Collins they plan to run away to begin a new life together. But even when she has escaped and has started a family with Ned, Evie has a long way to go before her happiness is secured...

What the papers say:
It is a truly compelling and sentimental story and rich in language and descriptive prose Newcastle-upon-Tyne Evening Chronicle

Author's Biography:
Anne Baker trained as a nurse at Birkenhead General Hospital, but after her marriage went to live first in Libya and then in Nigeria. She eventually returned to her native Birkenhead where she worked as a Health Visitor for over ten years. She now lives with her husband on a ninety-acre sheep farm in North Wales.

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publication date 1998, front cover and spin creased, well read,440 pages
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