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ISBN: 9780747249801


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Tiger Woods

The Championship Years

by Tim Rosaforte

Category: Sport, Transport & Leisure / Sports & Outdoor Recreation
Publication date: 20010705
Number of pages: 320

Tim Rosaforte has followed Tiger Woods's career from the very beginning, getting closer to understanding him than any other writer. In this fascinating biography, that takes the story up to date to the beginning of 2001, Rosaforte assesses the man behind the amazing success. He also reveals how Tiger reinvented himself, as a player and a person, following his comparative slump after his breathtaking first Major in 1997. By the end of 2000, he had completed a Grand Slam of Majors and his dominance of the world golfing scene was complete, with many now acclaiming him the greatest player of all time. Frighteningly, he was still just 24.

Author's Biography:
Tim Rosaforte is a Senior Writer for GOLF WORLD magazine and for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. He is a frequent contributor to the Golf Channel and is a former president of the Golf Writers' Association of America. He lives in Florida with his wife and family.

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