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ISBN: 9780718145866


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Live Bait

by P.J. Tracy

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publication date: 20040624
Number of pages: 368

When elderly Morey Gilbert is found lying dead in the grass by his wife, Lily, it's a tragedy, but it shouldn't have been a shock - old people die. But when she finds a bullet hole in his skull, the blood washed away by heavy rain, sadness turns to fear. It looks like an execution.

What the papers say:
'Her second offering doesn't disappoint. Vivid scenes, realistic characters and humorous dialogue' Time Out 'Slick, enjoyable thriller. PJ Tracy is about to become a household name' Daily Mirror

Author's Biography:
PJ Tracy lives in the US. Live Bait is her second novel.

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