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ISBN: 9780718145644


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Jamie's Kitchen

Kickstart Your Cooking with Jamie

by Jamie Oliver

Category: Food & Drink / Food & Drink
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 6 September 2002
Number of pages: 336
Prizes: Winner of WHSmith Book Awards (Home & Leisure) 2003.
Winner of WHSmith People's Choice Book Awards: Home & Leisure 2003.
Shortlisted for British Book Award 2002.
British Book Award,2002,S

Jamie Oliver is setting up a new restaurant, which is also a training school for young chefs, and you're invited to find out how he gets along. This guide features the recipes from Jamie's cookery course as well as from the restaurant menu, including the ultimate in Mediterranean-style fast food.

What the papers say:
* The re-run of Jamie's Kitchen in September 2003 brought in Channel 4's second biggest viewing figures of the year - topped only by Big Brother. 'Jamie offers lots of his chunky, hunky dishes for feeding the hungry, and slathers the whole lot with ladlefuls of encouragement' Daily Telegraph 'This is simply brilliant cooking, and Jamie's recipes are a joy' Nigel Slater 'Jamie's still a class act. The food is scruptious and easy to prepare ... should re-ignite even the laziest cook's passion for food' OK!

Author's Biography:
Jamie Oliver's first three books THE NAKED CHEF, THE RETURN OF THE NAKED CHEF and HAPPY DAYS WITH THE NAKED CHEF have combined sales of five million copies. He continues to write for the Saturday Times and is the Food Editor for Marie Claire. He lives in London with his wife Jools and their daughter Poppy.

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