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ISBN: 9780713669749


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Going Up!

The No-worries Guide to Secondary School

by Jenny Alexander

Category: Children & Teen Non-Fiction / Study & Reference
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 17 May 2004
Number of pages: 96

Interest Age: From 10 To 11

Going Up! addresses the most common anxieties children have about moving from primary to secondary school. This lively and humorous book will appeal to both boys and girls, and will also provide talking points for teachers and parents. The advice provided covers subjects such as uniform, classwork, homework, bullying, teachers and making friends.

Author's Biography:
Jenny Alexander is a well-established author of 100 fiction and non-fiction titles. She has written three books on the theme of bullying, endorsed by ChildLine. She is married to a primary headteacher and has four children.

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