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ISBN: 9780713474800


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The Stanley Book of Woodwork

by Mark Finney

Category: Home, Family & Health / Home & House
Publication date: 19940900
Number of pages: 160

Attempts to teach the safe, sound and effective use of tools and techniques in woodwork. Divided into three sections, the first looks at building up a tool kit, including measuring and marking out tools, handsaws, planes, hammers, chisels and gouges, braces, screwdrivers, miscellaneous tools, caring for the tool kit and sharpening and maintenance, the second looks at essential techniques such as planing, marking out, cutting and fitting joints, assembling, cleaning up and finishing, while the third looks at putting the techniques into practice via a series of six projects that really teach the essential techniques, all self-contained with working drawings, tips, tools, materials and finishing boxes.

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