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ISBN: 9780679425359


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oswald's tale

An American Mystery

by Norman mailer

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 3 October 1996
Number of pages: 848


It is easy to see why Mailer wanted to write the biography of the man who assassinated President Kennedy - and easy to see how the book grew to such an inordinate length. With unprecedented access to KGB files, interviews with almost everyone who ever knew Oswald (including many Russians who met him, if only casually, while he worked in Russia), it must have seemed impossible to write a shorter book. Mailer's command of the language is as remarkable as ever, but it has to be said that he fails to make Oswald particularly interesting as a man and throws little light on possible motives for the killing of the President - though maybe to ask for that is to ask for the impossible. In the end, however, here is all and possibly more than all that is known about Oswald, and everyone interested in the events of 22 November 1963 will want to read it. (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
'An epic tale' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 'Fascinating' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'Anyone with curiosity will find a reason to read Origins Reconsidered: it is a superb account of the state of knowledge concerning the evolution of our species . . .Richard Leakey sees the wood and not just the trees' NEW SCIENTIST 'The most powerfully mysterious book to have emerged from America for many years.' THE TIMES 'The point of this book, though, is not who did it, but how Mailer has done it... sage and kingly, elegant and energetic, and perfectly getting the number of OLH-2938.' GUARDIAN 'OSWALD'S TALE is terrific: bristling with vitality and intelligence and wit, and organised with an inventive cunning that makes the reading utterly compelling.' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'The meat of the book is the remarkable feat of imaginative sympathy which enables Mailer to engage with Oswald...' INDEPENDENT '... an insight that made the usual conspiracy theories look like so much cerebral Meccano.' Hugo Barnacle, BOOKS OF THE YEAR '... an extraordinary faction, a huge, sprawline, deeply intelligent epic that takes us nearer to the heart of the mystery surrounding the Kennedy assassination.' OBSERVER '... it is the performance of an author relishing the force and reach of his own acuity.' THE SUNDAY TIMES '... his best piece of non-fiction since the first half of THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG.' Martin Amis, BOOKS OF THE YEAR 'Mailer's profound understanding of his country and its people generally... lifts the story of Lee Harvey Oswalk clear of the conspiracy crap mills and places it finally into American literature alongside William Manchester's classic DEATH OF A PRESIDENT.' EVENING STANDARD

Author's Biography:
After graduating from Harvard Norman Mailer served in the South Pacific during World War II. He published his first book in 1948 and won the Pulitzer Price twice for THE ARMIES OF THE NIGHT and THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG.

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