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ISBN: 9780575079915


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Series: Gollancz S.F.

by Stephen Baxter

Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Sci-fi
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 26 July 2007
Number of pages: 336

Stephen Baxter's new series is full of page-turning action, intriguing mystery and awe-inspiring scientific speculation. Full of evocative historical detail and characters who jump of the page this is history lived by people who's future is not yet locked as our past. Navigator is the third of the series, and delves deep into the discovery of America. And the roots for this lie deep in the history of Spain and the middle east. Navigator unfurls over four centuries as the wars of conquest and opression between Christian and Moor sweep back and fourth and a prophecy is passed down through the ages. But as well as the prophecy come designs for terrifying advanced machines of war. As Christian and Moor fight over who will control the machines the finest minds of the times including Francis Bacon struggle to build them. This is a fast moving thriller of conspiracies and plots, a novel about science and war, an SF novel about an attempt to change the past and a loving look at Spain and the Moors. It casts a new light on the crusades and the real reasons behind the discovery of America.

What the papers say:
"A book that shows off Baxter's considerable skills as a novelist. This is proof that Baxter's at the height of his powers." -- Jonathan Wright SFX

Author's Biography:
Stephen Baxter is the pre-eminent SF writer of his generation. Published around the world he has also won major awards in the UK, US, Germany, and Japan. Born in 1957 he has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton. He lives in Northumberland with his wife.

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