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ISBN: 9780575074330


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Series: Gollancz S.F. S.

by Stephen Baxter

Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Sci-fi
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 20 July 2006
Number of pages: 320

A thrilling new series of counter-factual historical thrillers from an SF master.

What the papers say:
"A vividly convincing picture of a past world... the prophecy link gives the narrative a forward momentum remarkable in a book that spans four centuries. This is a character based novel that leaves you wanting to spend more time with its major players. Epic historical fiction laced with a science fiction premise." -- Jonathan Wright SFX "This is Baxter at his best, writing his historical fiction with an SF sensibility, and proving that the genres are closer in style and creative demands than many readers realise." -- Jon Courtenay Grimwood THE GUARDIAN "A hugely entertaining and exquisitely researched new departure." BBC FOCUS "It's an effective series of Roman vignettes, with a portrait of Claudius that's far enough from the 'I Claudius' archetype to be interesting. " STARBURST "A meticulously researched and often compelling historical saga." -- Gary K Wolfe LOCUS

Author's Biography:
Stephen Baxter is the pre-eminent SF writer of his generation. Published around the world he has also won major awards in the UK, US, Germany, and Japan. Born in 1957 he has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton. He lives in Northumberland with his wife.

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