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ISBN: 9780553818970


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From the Edge of the Couch

by Raj Persaud

Category: Home, Family & Health / Self Help & Practical Interests
Publication date: 1 May 2004
Number of pages: 576

You may think that vampires and werewolves were merely the stuff of bad Hollywood films and mysterious legends, but as Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud reveals, there are real people out there who believe they are werewolves and vampires. Using case studies, he explains this thinking on brain function and emotional disorders.

What the papers say:
There's nowt so strange as folk. Like the man who enjoys in a sexual sense getting crushed in garbage trucks. Or the film fan who tried to turn himself into a robot by filling his body with needles. Or the people who really believe they are werewolves and vampires and conduct themselves accordingly. This is popular psychiatry as freak show, so it has immense voyeuristic appeal, but the author is a consultant at the Maudsley Hospital, London, and a well-known agony uncle on ITV's This Morning. So there's plenty of weirdness here, but it's well written weirdness. Plus it's sanitised for the reader's protection by academic references and the prophylactic jargon of the science of the mind. Don't shelve under Self Help. Try Beyond Help.

Author's Biography:
is a consultant psychiatrist working in the British National Health Service at the world-famous Maudsley Hospital in south London, and an honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London. Uniquely for a doctor, he also holds a first-class honours degree in psychology from University College London, which recently awarded him the title of Fellow in recognition of his ground-breaking work in psychiatry. Other medical awards and honours include the prestigious Royal College of Psychiatrists' Research Prize and Medal, the Denis Hill Prize and the Osler Medal. As well as medicine, psychology and psychiatry, he holds university-level qualifications in statistics, history and philosophy. Raj Persaud is the author of Staying Sane, The Motivated Mind and From the Edge of the Couch and his work has been published in academic medical journals, including the British Medical Journal, the Lancet and the British Journal of Psychiatry. He writes regularly for the national press and hosts BBC Radio 4's All in the Mind - the only broadcast series dedicated specifically to reporting on academic psychology and psychiatry. He also appears regularly on television programmes such as Question Time, Newsnight and Tomorrow's World. In a recent poll of members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists published in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, he was voted one of the top ten psychiatrists in the UK. He is married to an eye surgeon, has a son and a daughter, and lives in London.

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