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ISBN: 9780553816075


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The Restless Sleep

by Stacy Horn

Category: True Stories / General
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 1 August 2006
Number of pages: 464

There is no statute of limitations on murder. It is one crime you pay for - but first you must be caught. And in New York City, thousands of murders remain unsolved...It was while working as a volunteer post 9/11 that New York-based writer and broadcaster Stacy Horn first learned of the existence of the NYPD's 'Cold Case and Apprehension Squad'. This small but elite unit has but a single purpose: to pursue murder cases that have, for whatever reason - the passage of time, lack of evidence, loss of investigative momentum - gone 'cold'. These are the deaths that have been forgotten, that languish in dusty filing cabinets in precinct HQ basements, some dating back over fifty years. The Cold Case team's job is to reach into the past and rescue the victims from oblivion, to answer the questions 'who were they?', 'what happened to them?' and 'who did this to them?', to lay their ghosts to rest. Their's is the world that inspires and informs television series such as "CSI" and "Waking the Dead". Given unprecedented access to the Squad, Stacy Horn worked alongside the talented, indefatigable, sometimes ill-at-ease and all too human detectives as they investigate four cases from inception to resolution. An enthralling chronicle of the two years she spent with the team, "The Restless Sleep" is both a compelling insider's view of a real-life subculture of crime solving - from its tangled history, the politics and bureaucracy to the science, the emotional and physical toll, and the lucky breaks - and a singular exploration of human nature itself.

What the papers say:
"'Riveting, moving and haunting, this is a book that shows what it really means to be a 'warrior' cop, makes you get inside their heads and come away with the deepest respect for these true-life heroes'" TESS GERRITSEN

Author's Biography:
Stacy Horn grew up on Long Island, has degrees in Fine Arts and Telecommunications and lives in New York. A celebrated writer, broadcaster and commentator, she also founded the online community Echo, which she wrote about in her acclaimed book, Cyberville. Visit her website at

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