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ISBN: 9780552143394


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Teenage Worrier's Guide to Lurve

by Ros Asquith

Category: Children & Teen Fiction / General
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 1 February 1996
Number of pages: 320

Reading Age: 10+

The sequel to "I Was a Teenage Worrier." This is an A-Z guide to "lurve" as seen through the eyes of Letty Chubb, aged 15. There is no aspect of love that Letty does not cover, from Adam and Eve to anoraks.

What the papers say:
'Stop worrying and eyeball this book. Spots, dateless Saturday nights, bra straps will all become part of the past' - Just Seventeen; 'A female Adrian Mole...A mine of information and fun' - Daily Mail; 'Hilarious' - Daily Telegraph; 'Hilarious...will help you through any questions to do with the L-word!' - TV Hits

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