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ISBN: 9780552137188


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Liverpool Lou

by Lyn Andrews

Category: Romance, Sagas & Historical / Sagas
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Publication date: 25 April 1991
Number of pages: 384

One of Lyn Andrews' first eight novels, transferring from the original publisher to Headline; already steady sellers, they will be targeted for a huge increase in sales. Aunt Babsey considered herself a cut above her neighbours on Everton Ridge. For one thing she was 'trade'. She taught her children to be respectable, and she ruled her family with a rod of iron. Fourteen-year-old Louisa was the only one who didn't quite fit in. With her mother dead and her father away at sea, she was becoming increasingly aware of the grinding poverty of the thirties. The tough conditions of Liverpool - love, war, betrayal, death - all made her determined to seek her own path, both in the man she loved, and the work which would eventually make her famous throughout the city as Liverpool Lou.

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