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ISBN: 9780446606387


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Midnight Club

by James Patterson

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publication date: 19980907
Number of pages: 304

From the bestselling author of "Along Came a Spider" and "Cat and Mouse", this is a mesmerising tale of non-stop action and suspense. Already a bestseller in paperback - now reissued in striking new cover style. Nobody knows the underbelly of the city like New York cop John Stefanovitch. He's out to get Alexandre St-Germain, the most powerful member of the Midnight Club - a secret international society of ruthless crime czars, all of whom are 'respectable' businessmen. And Stef's the ideal man for the job - until he's levelled by a blast from St-Germain's shotgun and left for dead. Now, Stef is back, wheelchair-bound, yet sworn to destroy St-Germain. With the help of a beautiful journalist and a Harlem cop, Stef is determined to crack the Midnight Club. And he's up against odds that are as unknown as they are deadly!

What the papers say:
'Sleek, fast, skilful and larger than life.' Los Angeles Times Book Review. 'A fast-moving narrative which never lets up. The villain is one of the most awful monsters I've encountered in recent fiction.' CAMPBELL ARMSTRONG. 'Guaranteed: you'll devour this yarn-burner in one sitting.' NY Daily News. 'I really like James Patterson's comes The Midnight Club and it just might be his best ever.' Larry King, USA Today

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