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ISBN: 9780443058752


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Practices in Children's Nursing

Guidelines for Community and Hospital

by Ethel Trigg , By (author) Sally Huband

Category: Science & Nature / Science & Maths
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 10 January 2000
Number of pages: 368

The skills required by children's nurses are many and varied, and are undertaken in a variety of settings. Sick children are cared for at home, in children's units and hospitals, and sometimes in adult wards. In addition, children with disabilities may need nursing care while at special schools or in residential settings. This book provides a clinical manual of common procedures in children's nursing. Each practice is research based, and discussed within a framework which examines: Objectives, Rationale, Factors to note, Guidelines, Positioning, Equipment, Method, Special observations and possible, Complications, and References and further reading. The guidelines have been written specifically for children's nursing by contributors from well-known children's units and are not simply adaptations from adult practices. All hospital and community nurses dealing with children, whether in a specialised unit or an adult unit, which also admits children, will find this book of great practical help.

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