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ISBN: 9780440863342


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Prize Winner

Double Act

by Jacqueline Wilson , Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Category: Children & Teen Fiction / General
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 2 May 1996
Number of pages: 192
Prizes: Winner of Sheffield Children's Book Awards - Short Novels 1996.
Winner of Children's Book Award 1996.
Winner of Federation of Children's Books of the Year Award 1996.
Winner of Smarties Book Prize 1995.
Runner-up for The BBC Big Read Top 100 2003.

Reading Age: From 8 To 11

Overall winner of the Smarties Book Prize 1995. Ruby and Garnet are twins. Since their mother died they have lived with Dad and Gran, but now "nasty" Rose is moving in, and they must deal with their new home and new "mother", who turns out not to be so nasty after all.

Ruby and Garnet are identical twins, but Ruby talks non-stop and is generally messier, while Garnet is quieter - well, she can't get a word in - and manages to keep herself neat and tidy. This is the funny, and at times sad, story of how they cope with how their lives change when their father meets Rose, buys a bookshop and they move away from Gran. Written in first-person narrative, with each twin taking turns and finding their distinctive styles, it is perceptive about sibling rivalry and family life in an entertaining way. It won the Smarties Prize as well as the Children's Book Award and was short-listed for the Carnegie Medal. (8-11 yrs) (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
'Hilarious tale which contains dark notes that ring very true' The Times; 'A brilliant young writer of wit and subtlety' The Times. 'She's so good, it's exhilarating' Philip Pullman, Guardian. 'She should be prescribed for all cases of reading reluctance' Independent On Sunday.

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