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ISBN: 9780439997966


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After the Storm

Series: No. 2 Heartland S.

by Lauren Brooke

Category: Children & Teen Fiction / General
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication date: 15 September 2000
Number of pages: 160

Reading Age: From 9 To 12

Amy attempts to treat Spartan, the horse involved in the accident that killed Amy's mother. But Amy soon learns Spartan is not the only who has wounds yet to heal. Although Amy is helping out with the horses at Heartland again, she is still weighted by a sense of guilt for her mother's death. And she misses her mum too much to dismiss her fear that she was responsible for the trailer crash. Furthermore, Amy's trying to care for Spartan, the horse they saved before the accident, but Spartan is an everyday reminder of the wreck and how it changed everything. And for Spartan, Amy is a reminder of the crash as well - no matter what attempts she makes , Spartan is vicious towards her. At the very sight of her he lashes out, rearing defiantly and baring his teeth. Faulting herself, Amy feels she can't blame Spartan for hating her. Then she realises Spartan will never forgive her until she forgives herself.

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