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ISBN: 9780439011228


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The Woeful Second World War

Series: Horrible Histories S.

by Terry Deary , Illustrated by Martin Brown

Category: Language & Literature / General
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication date: 20 August 1999
Number of pages: 128

Reading Age: From 8 To 12

"The Woeful Second World War" presents the dire details of a war that affected almost everyone - from old men joining the Dad's Army to the 12 year olds defending Berlin to the bitter end. Find out who made a meal of maggots, or which soldiers were so smelly their enemies could sniff them out.

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Books For Life Charity

Books For Life Charity

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100% from the sale of this book will help to support and educate abused and abandoned children in Africa and India. Registered Charity.
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