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ISBN: 9780349112220


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Prize Winner

Master Georgie

by Beryl Bainbridge

Category: Romance, Sagas & Historical / Historical
Publication date: 19990401
Number of pages: 212
Prizes: W H Smith Annual Literary Award,1999,W
Commonwealth Writer&apos
s Prize Best First Book Eurasia,1999,W

A novel about one family's experiences in the Crimean War. When the Battle of Inkerman was over, five survivors were assembled in front of a camera. A sixth figure - Master Georgie - added symmetry to the group. In the distance a young woman circled round and round like a bird above a robbed nest.

What the papers say:
'It is hard to think of anyone now writing who understands the human heart as Beryl Bainbridge does' THE TIMES 'Another masterly exploration by an author at the peak of her form ...She was always good at funny dialogue and acute observation of the oddities of human behaviour, but her recent historical explorations have given full reign to her startling powers of description ... Bainbridge has never written better' DAILY TELEGRAPH

Author's Biography:
Beryl Bainbridge is one of the greatest living English novelists - author of 16 novels, 2 travel books and 5 plays for stage and television. Her last novel, EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF was awarded the Whitbread Novel of the Year and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

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