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ISBN: 9780349109268


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The End of Science

by John Horgan

Category: Science & Nature / Science & Maths
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 5 March 1998
Number of pages: 336

As a writer for SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, John Horgan has an unsurpassed window on contemporary science, routinely interviewing the scientific geniuses of our times, scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Murray Gell-Mann, Stephen Hawking, Karl Popper and Noam Chomsky. In THE END OF SCIENCE, Horgan displays his genius for getting these larger-than-life figures to be human, whilst also encouraging them to confront the very limits of knowledge. Have the big questions all been answered? Has all the knowledge worth pursuing become known? Will there be a final 'theory of everything' that signals the end? Horgan extracts surprisingly candid answers to these and other delicate questions as he discusses God, Star Trek, superstrings, quarks, consciousness and numerous other topics. In a time where scientific rationality is under fire from every quarter, THE END OF SCIENCE is a witty, thoughtful, profound and entertaining narrative which serves as both a critique of and a homage to modern science.

What the papers say:
A fine example of popular science writing. Accessible, argumentative, stimulating, informative, highly polished and hugely enjoyable ... this is a feast of a book TES I wish I could write like John Horgan ... [he] has a novelist's eye for character revealing detail, and we can almost see, as well as hear these scientists engaging in their passionate arguments. NEW SCIENTIST Horgan covers a stunning set of thinkers, with whom he discusses a remarkable range of scientific ideas FINANCIAL TIMES A hugely entertaining book, certain to create controversy. E.O Wilson

Author's Biography:
John Horgan is a senior writer at SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. His articles have appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE NEW REPUBLIC, DISCOVER, NEW SCIENTIST and OMNI. He lives in New York State's Hudson Valley with his wife and two children.

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