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ISBN: 9780340801901


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OCR Graduated Assessment GCSE Mathematics

Stages 5 & 6 Series: GCSE Mathematics for OCR Graduated Assessment

by Mark Patmore , By (author) Howard Baxter

Category: Children & Teen Non-Fiction / Mathematics, Science & Nature
Publisher: Hodder Education
Publication date: 3 August 2001
Number of pages: 256

A guide to the GCSE OCR graduated assessment syllabus C. The text has parallel calculator and non-calculator exercises, to reflect the introduction of a non-calculator paper. There is a chapter on OCR-marked coursework tasks, as well as chapters that offer development of other topics with a "Using and applying maths" approach. Key points at the end of each chapter summarize essential learning points, and help to consolidate information for revision purposes. There are also tips throughout, to advise students on the common pitfalls.

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