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ISBN: 9780340792803


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By Lies Betrayed

by Gwen Madoc

Category: Romance, Sagas & Historical / Sagas
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Publication date: 2 May 2002
Number of pages: 448

It is Cardiff, 1926, and life for Stella Evans is ever more difficult. The town has turned against her through malicious and scandalous lies spread about her reputation. She is struggling to bring up her son Danny alone, ever since her husband Eddie ran off with her brother Griff's wife. Griff is embittered by this betrayal and by his experience of the war, which has left him disabled. Unable to work, Griff becomes more and more unpredictable as his personality warps under the burden of his grief. When Stella loses her job, she cannot imagine how she will support her small household. And then her husband returns, bringing with him a secret for Stella that will change her life and bring her untold misery...

What the papers say:
'is another great read. As indicated on the cover, I've already recommended this most incredible story. Don't miss it!' -- Bangor Chronicle 'Beautifully Welsh ... This book is compelling reading. Gwen Madoc is to be congratulated on a most enjoyableand very fine piece of literature' -- Bangor Chronicle 'Unputdownable...a touching story' -- Telegraph & Argus

Author's Biography:
Gwen Madoc lives in Swansea with her husband, Harry. She worked as a medical secretary and managed a medical clinic before joining the Civil Service. She studied for five years with the Open University. She loves Swansea and its people, and has a keen interest in local history.

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