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ISBN: 9780340786000


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Soul Survivor

by Philip Yancy

Category: Religion & Philosophy / Philosophy
Publication date: 2001
Number of pages: 307

Overexposed to the distortions and hypocricies of Christian churches, Philip Yancey set out in search of a life enhanced by faith instead of diminished by religion. Having struggled to forge personal convictions about God amid the ironies of life and the incpngruities of religion, he looks closer at those whose lives radiate spiritual authenticity rather than pious posturing. From John Donne to Martin Luther King, Dostoevsky to Mahatma Gandhi, G.K. Chesterton to Henri Nouwen, Yancey pays tribute to some of the most remarkable, selfless lives our world has ever known, and asks what we can do to find such beautiful faith in our own lives.

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