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ISBN: 9780340769553


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The Next Big Thing

by Sara Caspian

Category: Fiction / A - C
Publication date: 20010405
Number of pages: 380

A fresh, smart and funny look at how becoming the Next Big Thing is the last thing you need! Everybody's looking for the Next Big Thing, but no-one needs it more than Tierney Marshall. Cool hunter and trend spotter, she's got one week to find the sassiest ad campaign ever. Or risk losing her promised promotion - not to mention her designer date - to her arch rival. But when she accidentally falls into the trend spotter's spotlight, she discovers that being the being the next big thing, is the last thing she needs. And that comfort can be found in the arms of the last man she'd expect...

Author's Biography:
Sara Caspian is twenty-six, a Cambridge graduate (where she edited Varsity) and a former Cosmopolitan Young Journalist of the Year. She spent a great deal of time with real cool hunters in the research of this, her first novel

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