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ISBN: 9780333804377


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The No-nonsense Guide to Doing Business in Japan

by Jon Woronoff

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Business & Management
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Publication date: 30 November 2000
Number of pages: 192

This guide provides insight into crucial aspects of doing business in Japan and advice on how to succeed in a very difficult market. It follows the process from initial contact, to the first visit, to the creation of a fully fledged operation in Japan. Emphasis is placed on how to break into the distribution system, set up a local company, acquire an existing company, recruit and manage Japanese personnel and co-operate or compete with Japanese companies. There are also tips on how to avoid common traps and pitfalls for the unwary investor.

What the papers say:
'Practical and candid advice prepares the reader for Japanese expectations of service, quality, and punctuality.' - Business Information Alert

Author's Biography:
JON WORONOFF has spent three decades dealing with Japan as a businessman, consultant, journalist and author. He has studied the economy and society first hand and reported on it in terms which, while often critical, proved highly useful and exceptionally accurate in knowing how the country functioned. Among his most popular books are The Japanese Economic, Crisis, The Japanese Social Crisis, Politics: The Japanese Way and Japan As -Anything But- Number One.

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