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ISBN: 9780330456418


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Why is snot green?

The Science Museum Question and Answer Book

by Glenn Murphy

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date:
Number of pages: 208
Prizes: Shortlisted for Blue Peter Children's Book Awards: The Best Book With Facts 2007.


Author's Biography:
Glenn Murphy works at the Science Museum, he recruits, trains and oversees the management of the 75-strong team of dynamic, bubbly science communicators who perform shows and interact with the public on the galleries. He also writes content for science shows and training programmes, consults on museum publications targeted at child audiences (recent examples being "How To Be An Astronaut" and "How To Be A Brain Surgeon"), and writes scripts for Explainer appearances on television and radio. He lives in South-West London with his wife, Heather, and a very large and ill-tempered cat.

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