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ISBN: 9780330415033


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by Terence Blacker

Category: / General
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 1 July 2005
Number of pages: 288

Interest Age: From 12 To 99

Matthew Burton's life has been fine until his American cousin crash-lands into it. Sam was only ever a distant rumour, a hippy kid who travels around the States with his wacky mother. Now he's an orphan, dumped suddenly on the Burtons' doorstep. According to Sam, everything in England sucks, and pretty soon he's making trouble for Matthew and his friends. They want revenge -- and Operation Samantha is born. For Sam -- small, long-haired and blond -- is the perfect secret weapon in the war at school between the boys and a gang of snooty girls. And when Sam sets about rewriting the rules for how boys and girls behave, he discovers an entirely new side to his personality. Soon it's not only Sam that is changing ...BOY2GIRL is one of the funniest comic novels you will ever read. A classic cross-dressing comedy like Some Like It Hot, set in a contemporary school.

Author's Biography:
Terence Blacker is one of a small number of authors who write for both adults and children. His many popular children's novels include THE TRANSFER and THE ANGEL FACTORY, and the best-selling MS WIZ series. He is a journalist and critic, both in print and on radio, and writes a regular topical column in the Independent newspaper. He lives in Suffolk in a house he converted from a goose hatchery.

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