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ISBN: 9780330266239


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A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush

Series: Picador Books

by Eric Newby

Category: Travel & Holiday / Travel Writing
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 4 December 1981
Number of pages: 256

A humorous overview of Eric Newby's travels from Mayfair to the mountains of the Hindu Kush, north-east of Kabul, offering insight into the numerous eccentric characters and adventures he met along the way, and descriptions of the spectacular wilderness of Afghanistan. Last published in 1981.

An American reader criticized this book for being 'too English'. It is its Englishness, of course, that makes it what it is - a witty account of a great and noble failure. Together with the diplomat Hugh Carless, the young Newby sets out for the Hindu Kush. They make an odd couple. Carless speaks Persian, can fix the jeep and knows the names of all the butterflies they see. It's Newby who drops the candle while Carless is endeavouring to fix the underside of the engine and it's Newby who gets food poisoning. And Newby who comes across as likeably inept. The two bump into Wilfred Thesiger - even more English than they are - who looks on in amazement as they pump up their airbeds. 'God', says the great explorer, 'you must be a couple of pansies.' (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
'The master storyteller. He transformed travel writing' Independent 'One of the most enjoyable reads of the last century' Herald Tribune 'The most successful travel writer of his generation. It's impossible to read this book without laughing aloud' Observer 'Endlessly entertaining and self-deprecating' Daily Mail 'Full of serendipity and surprise' The Economist 'A total success' New Yorker 'Notable addition to the literature of unorthodox travel ! tough, extrovert, humorous and immensely literate' Times Literary Supplement '"A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush" established him as a traveler who not only journeyed fruitfully but had the ability to bring his readers with him' William Trevor, Guardian 'I still think the last few sentences of "A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush" the funniest ending to any book I have read' Geoffrey Moorhouse, The Times 'The book that made [Newby's] reputation ! typically ironic in its understatement' Observer 'Newby is easily the best of the bunch' Sunday Times 'All the lyricism, and spirit of adventure and discovery [in] Newby's work' The Times 'As good as its hype' Wanderlust

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