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ISBN: 9780297867531


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by Elmore Leonard

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 16 February 2012
Number of pages: 272

US Marshal Raylan Givens, star of the series JUSTIFIED, and protagonist of RIDING THE RAP, PRONTO, and the story 'FIRE IN THE HOLE', is back in action, this time with a federal warrant to serve on a dope dealer named Angel Arenas, a man 'born in the U.S. but a hundred percent of him Hispanic'. The state troopers are impressed when the marshal struts into the convict's hotel room without drawing his gun, but Raylan soon finds that Angel's already been the victim of another crime, one that's way bigger than a few pot plants, and clearly the work of a professional...RAYLAN shows Elmore Leonard at the height of his powers, as we follow one of his favorite protagonists through a series of adventures with unlikely villains. As ever, the work is filled with unexpected twists and the most vibrant, crackling dialogue currently available in the English language.

What the papers say:
There is no greater writer of crime fiction than Elmore Leonard, and no one who has more resplendent energy. -- Philip Hensher THE GUARDIAN 20120128 I think I've read all of Leonard's books, and even the ones I didn't like much, I enjoyed. But when he hits the target, it's a real bullseye, and this is one of them. -- Mark Timlin CRIMETIME 20120130 Leonard is one of the great American novelists. His work is a demonstration that the use of language has no rules or boundaries. -- Erica Wagner THE TIMES There's no cooler, slicker thriller writer than Leonard, and he proves it once again in this, his 46th thriller in the 86 years of his life...A joy from the first page to the last, it shows that Elmore Leonard is still as sharp and serrated as ever he was. -- Geoffrey Wansell DAILY MAIL RAYLAN is high-octane pop fiction of the darkest humour. -- Ian Thomson SPECTATOR For dialogue, plot and style, you won't find better. -- Doug Johnstone BIG ISSUE Immerse yourself in a murky world of kidney extraction and female bank robbers, woven together by the 87-year-old master who, even after 45 books, still knows how to surprise readers. SHORTLIST He can get to the heart of his characters faster and straighter than almost any writer you could think of. THE SCOTSMAN A brief immersion into an entertainingly dark interpretation of the American dream, sketched out in dialogue that's cooler than a drug-dealer's bath. -- Cecily Gayford THE LADY How wonderful it would be to discover Elmore Leonard for the first time. I mean, discover him now, in 2012, when there's a massive backlog of previous novels, 45 in all, just waiting for you to crack one open. Like a can of your favorite beer, you know each one will be a separate unit of enjoyment that won't disappoint. WASHINGTON POST Grim tales beautifully told THE TIMES

Author's Biography:
Elmore Leonard has written more than forty books during his phenomenal career. Many have been made into successful movies, including Get Shorty with John Travolta, Out of Sight with George Clooney and Rum Punch, which became Tarantino's Jackie Brown. He lives with his wife Christine in Bloomfield Village, Michigan.

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