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ISBN: 9780283071126


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Coleen Nolan's Beauty Secrets

From Drab to Fab in 15 Minutes

by Coleen Nolan

Category: Home, Family & Health / General
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 1 October 2010
Number of pages: 160

As a busy working mum, Coleen knows how hard it can be to look good. But she is also lucky enough to have learned many insider tips from years of having worked with some of the country's top stylists and make-up artists. Now she shares her secrets to reveal how any of us can transform ourselves in just minutes from a tired mum in tracksuit bottoms to a glamorous woman ready for a party or a night on the town. Whether it's camouflaging tired eyes, disguising our love handles or knowing which accessories to choose, she'll give us the confidence we need to shine. In this head-to-toe beauty guide, she also offers advice on what to eat to have younger-looking skin, shiny hair and strong nails, as well as how to fit exercise into a hectic lifestyle and, more importantly, how to make it fun! Coleen doesn't spend money on expensive beauty products but she does like to make her own treatments from ingredients in her store cupboard, and she tells us her recipes for pampering body scrubs, soaks and face masks. With her tips on what to wear depending on your body shape, what hairstyle best suits your face shape and how to highlight the bits you're proud of (and hide the bits you're not!) , Coleen shows us how we can all look and feel fabulous whenever we want.

Author's Biography:
Coleen Nolan shot to fame in the 70s as the youngest of the Nolan sisters. She is now an established television presenter, with credits including The Truth About Beauty and The Secret Guide to Women's Health, and she also took part in the 2009 series of Dancing on Ice. She is, however, perhaps best known for her role on ITV1's multi award-winning daily chat show Loose Women. Coleen also writes a popular weekly parenting column for the Daily Mirror and has a weekly column in Woman magazine.

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