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ISBN: 9780273711568


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Principles of Marketing

by Philip Kotler , By (author) Gary Armstrong

Category: Law, Business & Economics / Business & Management
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication date: 21 May 2008
Number of pages: 1056

Suitable for undergraduate Principles of Marketing courses, this classic textbook has provided many generations of marketing students with an exceptional introduction to marketing, written by one of the masters. With global examples and completely up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques, Principles of Marketing looks at the major decisions that marketing managers face in their efforts to balance an organisation's objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in the global marketplace. Covering exciting new topics such as Sustainability, this text continues to be a leader in the field of marketing. New integrated video cases from companies such as HSBC, Land Rover and Amazon help to bring the subject alive.

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