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ISBN: 9780263844283


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An Honourable Thief

AND Miss Jesmond's Heir
Series: No. 12 Regency Lords and Ladies Collection S.

by Anne Gracie , By (author) Paula Marshall

Category: Romance, Sagas & Historical / Mills & Boon
Publisher: Harlequin (UK)
Publication date: 2 June 2006
Number of pages: 566

When Miss Kit Singleton's arrival in London coincided with a spate of robberies from members of the ton, Hugo Devenish couldn't explain why he suspected the innocent looking beauty. But when the clues added up, Hugo knew his instincts had been right all along. Kit had to cease this dangerous game immediately! Only for Kit it wasn't a game: she'd made a promise to avenge her papa's honour. Surely Hugo could understand that she mustn't break her word - even to please the man with whom she was falling in love.....

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