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ISBN: 9780192813541


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Gilbert White's Year

by John Commander

Category: Science & Nature / Nature
Publication date: 1982
Number of pages: 144

Passages from The Garden Kalendar and The Naturalist's Journal. Gilbert White's curiosity extended to all things: from the first hot - air balloons to the making of raisin wine and the amorous pursuits of his tortoise Tomothy. His writing is so lucid and his choice of detail so careful that he manages to distil in a few phrases the essence of a moment or of a whole season. White spent most of his life as curate of Selborne, and in 1751 began to keep his Garden Kalendar and later a Naturalist's Journal, in which he recorded detailed observations of wildlife and nature for a period of over forty years. Over two hundred years later his impressions are just as fresh as when they were first written down.

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