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ISBN: 9780141323367


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The Luxe

by Anna Godbersen

Category: / General
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 3 July 2008
Number of pages: 464

Interest Age: From 12

Imagine, if you will, New York City, 1899...Society's elite: the glamour, the grandeur, the glittering parties, the most handsome beaus, the most beautiful debutantes ...the rich girl, the humble boy, the forbidden love, the hushed whispers, the stolen glances, the whispers, the scandal, the mystery, the revenge...You are cordially invited to step into 'The Luxe', where the secrets are dark and the sins are delicious ...R.S.V.P.

What the papers say:
Mystery, romance, jealousy, betrayal, humour and gorgeous, historically accurate details. Edith Wharton, Jane Austen and Agatha Christie rolled into one ... I couldn't put The Luxe down! -- Cecily Von Ziegesar, Author Of Gossip Girl

Author's Biography:
Anna Godbersen was born in Berkeley, California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She studied English at college, and has been assistant to the Literary Editor at Esquire magazine since 2003. She writes weekly reviews for various New York magazines, and has written several young adult novels under a pseudonym. This is her first novel for Puffin.

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