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ISBN: 9780140431070


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Moll Flanders

by Daniel Defoe

Category: Fiction / D - F
Publication date: 19780128
Number of pages: 320

Defoe's rumbustious story tells the tale of Moll Flanders: her seductions, marriages and liaisons, and the journey to her mother in Virginia where it becomes clear that Moll has, without realising, married her own brother. Our resourceful heroine goes to and from America meeting (and sometimes marrying) highwaymen, pickpockets and dastardly rogues in a wonderful picaresque romp that is one of the most enjoyable and enduring classic novels.

What the papers say:
"A very helpful edition of Moll Flanders with its informative introduction and especially its thorough endnotes. It is an edition especially helpful for undergraduates who do not have such a broad knowledge of the 18th century laws, social problems, etc."-Judith B. Slagle. Carson-Newman College
"Excellent edition has all of the necessary 'extras': introduction and notes, both reflecting excellent scholarship."-Arline Garbarini, Dominican College

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