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ISBN: 9780140271812


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Sushi for Beginners

by Marian Keyes

Category: Fiction / J - L
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 14 June 2001
Number of pages: 576

Hot-shot magazine editor Lisa Edwards' career is destined for high-rise New York when suddenly she's diverted to low-rise Dublin. But what can she do about it? Ashling Kennedy, Lisa's super-organized assistant, worries about everything from her lack of waist to the lack of men in her life. She's even anxious about of a little bit of raw fish.

Critics might decry the Bridget Jones trend for feel-good fiction about single, twentysomething women picking their way through the minefield of metropolitan life, but one thing there is no doubt: Keyes is queen of the genre. Keyes's writing career continues deservedly to gather pace as each book gets better than the last. This story intertwines the lines of two very different women: Lisa, successful, glamorous editor of a glossy magazine, and Ashling, who has been sacked from her decidedly unglamorous job on a weekly Irish magazine after a mix-up involving a knitting pattern. When Lisa is posted from London to Dublin to launch a new magazine,Colleen, her misery could not be more complete: not only has she lost her status, bijou flat and huge staff, but she also has family issues and a broken marriage to contend with. In contrast, Ashling is delighted to land the job of deputy editor at Colleen, but she, too, has personal problems - a family history of depression, a troubled relationship with her mother, and sneaky feelings of envy towards her best friend Clodagh, who is beautiful, rich - and happily married to the man whom she originally stole from Ashling. When Lisa and Ashling meet, and find themselves thrown into the path of Jack Devine, their gorgeous, dishevelled boss, all hell might just break loose. Needless to say, happy endings for those who deserve them and timely comeuppance for those who don't are all part of the formula, but Keyes's lightness of touch and talent for characterization make you genuinely care about her creations and put her a step or two ahead of the opposition. If you read only one girlie novel this autumn, make it this one. (Kirkus UK)

What the papers say:
"'Marian Keyes is the queen of feel-good fiction. Her hip, heart-warming comedies have made her the hottest young female writer in Britain and the voice of a generation' Mirror"

Author's Biography:
Marian Keyes' international bestselling novels include Rachel's Holiday, Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners, Angels, The Other Side of the Story, Anybody Out There and This Charming Man, a number one bestseller. Two collections of her journalism, Under the Duvet and Further Under the Duvet, are also available from Penguin. Marian lives in Dublin with her husband.

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