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ISBN: 9780099556220


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X The Unknown

by Shaun Hutson

Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Fantasy
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication date: 5 July 2012
Number of pages: 368

In a quiet field in Buckinghamshire, a huge crack has appeared in the earth's surface. And people are dying. Incinerated beyond recognition. At the same time, hospitals have noticed an increase in catastrophic deformities in foetuses, and cancer levels soaring. Dr Adam Royston, a scientist working at the nearby military base, thinks he knows what it is; a creature as old as the earth that slumbers for centuries, then wakes to feed on the energy and radiation produced by humans. But if he's right, and they can't find a way to destroy the creature roaming the countryside, then it's not just Buckinghamshire that could be in danger, but the whole world.

What the papers say:
"Britain's greatest living horror author" Dark Side "An expert in the art of keeping the reader turning the pages" Time Out "Hutson writes grippingly" SFX Magazine

Author's Biography:
Shaun Hutson is one of the UK's best known horror writers. He has published over 50 books.

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