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ISBN: 9780099524847


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Kiss of Evil

by Richard Montanari

Category: Fiction / General
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication date: 17 December 2009
Number of pages: 384

Christmas is just around the corner; the season of peace and goodwill.But this year, for Detective Jack Paris, the Christmas spirit is eclipsed by the hunt for a sadistic and twisted serial killer...When an accused murderer is acquitted on a technicality then found dead of an apparent suicide, a spree of brutal murders terrorizes the citizens of Cleveland.This vicious and vengeful killer tortures his seemingly unrelated victims in unimaginably violent ways, leaving them all with a strange symbol carved into their flesh. When Detective Paris discovers that these murders are the grim handiwork of one maniac obsessed with the dark side of the ancient religion, Santeria, he's pulled into a web of danger and sexual deviance.Jack must catch the killer before he kills again.But on Christmas Eve, Jack finds himself right where the homicidal maniac wants him: questioning his loyalties, facing an impossible choice, with the barrel of a gun pointing at his temple and the whole world watching...

What the papers say:
"Told at breakneck pace, with more than one truly frightening villain, and a protagonist whose tenacity in the face of evil makes him a hero for our times, you turn the pages as if your very life depends on it" -- Geoffrey Wansell Daily Mail "A no holds barred thriller ... those with a yen for viscera and violence will appreciate Montanari's scalpel-like narrative skills" Publishers Weekly "Razor-sharp plotting with a powerful narrative ... thrills to its very satisfying end." Chicago Tribune

Author's Biography:
Richard Montanari is the Sunday Times top ten bestselling author of The Echo Man, The Devil's Garden, Play Dead, The Rosary Girls, The Skin Gods and Broken Angels, as well as the internationally acclaimed thrillers Kiss of Evil, Don't Look Now (previously published as Deviant Way) and The Violet Hour. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio. To find out more about Richard Montanari visit his website at

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