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ISBN: 9780099520955


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The Fortunes of Grace Hammer

by Sara Stockbridge

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publisher: Vintage
Publication date: 6 May 2010
Number of pages: 288

Grace Hammer lives a sweet enough life with her four children in London's dank and dirty East End, dipping into the pockets of wealthy strangers foolish enough to venture there. She keeps a clean house and a tight hold on her magpie nature, restricting her interests to wallets and pocket watches - at night she dreams of shiny things. Unbeknown to Grace, her most audacious crime will soon return to haunt her and old enemies come knocking. Out in the dark countryside Mr Blunt rocks in his chair, grinding his teeth, vowing furious retribution. He has never forgotten his scarlet treasure, or the harlot that stole it from him. At night he dreams of slitting her lily-white throat...

What the papers say:
"Set in the 19th-century East End, this debut by Vivienne Westwood's muse is the tale of a jewel thief and mother of four who is forced to flee her home when one of her victims seeks revenge. A delectable mix of lust, loot and adventure" Tatler "Her novel has an undeniable verve and a brash energy" Daily Mail "An enjoyable romp through nineteenth-century Whitechapel" Vogue "Stockbridge deftly captures the mood of Dickensian London in this gripping debut" Booklist

Author's Biography:
Sara Stockbridge rose to fame in the 1980s as the muse of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Her second novel is the rollicking Victorian mystery, Cross My Palm.

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