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ISBN: 9780091445706


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by Len Deighton

Category: Crime, Mystery & Thrillers / Crime & Mysteries
Publication date: 19810316
Number of pages: 396

This novel is constructed around the supposition that Winston Churchill secretly met with Adolf Hitler in 1940 to discuss the terms of a British surrender. Forty years later, Hitler's personal minutes of the discussions are threatening to surface.

What the papers say:
'A stunning spy story... Deighton remains the incomparable entertainer' The Guardian 'Exciting and well made.' Daily Telegraph 'Deighton in top form... the best kind of action entertainment' Publishers Weekly 'Deliciously sharp and flawlessly accurate dialogue, breathtakingly clever plotting, confident character drawing... a splendidly strongly told story' The Times 'A master of fictional espionage.' Daily Mail 'The poet of the spy story.' Sunday Times 'For sheer readability he has no peer' The Standard

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