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ISBN: 9780007855100


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by Clive Barker

Category: Ghost & Horror / General
Publication date: 29 January 2001
Number of pages: 368

The Nightmare Had Begun! Boone now knew for sure there was no place on this earth for him, no happiness here, not even with Lori. He would let Hell claim him, let Death take him there. But Death itself seemed to shrink from him. No wonder, if he had indeed been the monster who had shattered and violated and shredded so many others' lives. And Decker had shown him the proof - the hellish photographs where the victims were forever stilled, splayed in the last obscene moment of their torture. Boone's only refuge now was 'Midian' - that awful, legendary place which gathered to itself in its monstrous embrace the half-dead, the 'Nightbreed!'

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Would not classify as new. Guess may have been read by careful reader. I find nothing wrong. I ship same, next day. Chic
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